Lhunze County Attractions

Lhoka Lhunze County is a wonderful and brilliant place where tourists can feel the original Tibetan culture and customs. There are lots of attractive sights for tourists to have a pleasant trip.

• Jiali Palace(加里王府宫殿): it remained the original layout and building structure of ancient palace in Tibet. It is an unique and precious category in Tibetan architectures . 

• Zhari Holy Mountain(扎日神山): it is located in the southeast of  Lhunze County and it's also a famous residential area of Lhoba nationality. Every year from April to June in Tibetan calendar, there are many people come here to worship this holy mountain.

• Norbulingka(罗布林卡): commonly known as the the Summer Palace in Lhasa, it means "Precious Park" in Tibetan Language. Norbulingka is the largest artificial garden which has the best scenery and the most monuments in Tibet. 

• Douyu Village(斗玉乡): visitors can feel the unique Lhoba customs and beautiful natural scenery here. 

• Zhawu Temple(扎乌寺): also called Zhaguo Temple, it covers 6,000 square meters. The famous murals record the historical affairs of the introduction of Buddhism and many Buddhist stories. 

• Kading Temple(卡定寺): it an important temple for studying the history and doctrines of Bka'-gdems-pa(噶当派).