Lhunzhub County Shopping

There are various special local products in Lhasa Lhunzhub County, such as Tibet wool(氆氇), Small Tibetan carpets(卡垫), Tibet brazier(火盆), Tibet flowerpot(花盆), Tibet oilcan(油壶), Tibet flagon(酒壶).
Lhasa Barkhor Street is the famous shopping center for buying Tibetan souvenirs. Hundreds of artwork and handicraft shops and stalls line up on the street. Tibetan rugs, knives, broadswords, traditional clothes, gold and silver jewelry, Thangka and all kinds of traditional handmade craftwork can easily be found in this street. But please remember, bargaining with the local vendors is always necessary. It is recommended that you walk clockwise around the Monestary to see the vendors. One more tip, you'd better go shopping on this street in the morning or evening for Tibetan people value their first or last customer highly.

· Thangka is originally a Tibetan silk painting with embroidery, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, famous scene, or mandala of some sort. It also can be made by paper, cloth, embroidery and brocade. Most of the Thangka focuses on the motifs of Tibetan Buddhism. Thangka is treasured by the local people for distinguished ethnical characteristics, rich religious flavor and unique artistic style. Tibetan Thangka actually is valued for its precision, balance and variety.

· Barkhor Thangka Painting Department Store in East Barkhor Street is recommended to buy Thangka for it is a professional place of making and selling the beautiful Tibetan artwork. The shop assistants speak both Chinese and English. Strolling in this shop is also an opportunity of learning how to make Thangka. Besides, Snowland Handmade Thangka Store in South Barkhor Street is also a famous shop for buying Thangka.

· Tibetan rug, an ancient and traditional craft, is traditionally made from Tibetan highland sheep's wool. Tibetan rug is said to have a history of six hundred years. This kind of carpet is weaved with bright and harmonious colors that will last very long. The soft, delicate and durable carpet has high value of appreciation and collection for its national feature of design.

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