Lhunzhub County Travel Tips

Travel Tips
This chapter provides full information for the visitors including the planning of Tibet trips, practical information and some travel tips. Through them, hope you can have a good preparation.

Tibet Seasonal Travel Tips
December in Lhasa: watching the birds. Lhasa, at an altitude of 3,700 meters, attracts thousands of birds for its wetlands.Many species of birds, such as black-necked cranes and bar-headed geese, fly to Lhasa to live through the winter.The Lhalu Wetland and the Hutou Reservoir in the Lhunzhub County are both nice choices for bird watching.If you love the black-necked cranes, you should definitely go to the Lhunzhub County in December or January, where birds present a unique landscape of Tibet.

Must-see for Lhasa Lhunzhub County
Reting Monastery(热振寺), Hutoushan Reservoir(虎头山水库), The Lhasa River(林周拉萨河), Puyanggangqin Peak(普央岗钦峰).

Don’t talk to Tibetans about political issues
Political discussions put your guide in an awkward position, with the potential for real negative consequences on his or her life. Unless you know your guide very well, or if your guide brings it up, it’s better to leave it alone, especially in any public place.