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Saussurea involucrate(雪莲) is a kind of herbaceous plant which has always been a symbol of holiness in Tibet area because it survives in the snow mountain. Saussurea involucrate grows at an altitude of 4,800-5,800 on the high mountains and in the rubble near the snow line. It is characterized by its long-term growth in alpine cold and drought conditions.

The bulb of fritillary(贝母) is divided into two categories: the Xi Fritillary and the Chuan Fritillary, The one which are grown in Mainling County belongs to Chuan Fritillary with an annual output of about 100 kilogram. If you've ever coughed up with a cold, just try to have some fritillary, and you will be ok soon. It’s also the most common ingredients of many Chinese herbal medicines in the market.

Gentiana macrophylla(秦艽) is a perennial herb of gentianaceae(龙胆科), which is bitter and warm-natured. The main function of Gentiana macrophylla is to remove wind temperature, reduce the heat in the body and to stop the disease. It can also cure the diseases of muscles and nerves, the pain of the joints, and the fever of the infantile. The annual output of Mainling County can be about 50 tons.

Fry highland barley(炒青稞) is like a white flower which smells really fragrant, and with a mouthful crisp and sweat better than the popcorn when you have a try.

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