Mainling County Attractions

Bayi, a wonderful and brilliant district famous for its attractive natural landscapes and brilliant cultural relics, has dozens of attractions to appeal the visitors including: Paizhen Grand Canyon Entrance(派镇大峡谷入口), Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon, The Nanyi Ditch Scenic Spot(南伊沟景区), Mount Namjagbarwa(南迦巴瓦峰), Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon(雅鲁藏布大峡谷), Qiangna Monastery(羌纳寺), etc.

▪ Paizhen Grand Canyon Entrance(派镇大峡谷入口) is 3 Kilometers away from the government of Paizhen Town, Mainling County, at the entrance of the Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon with an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. It is also the best viewing point of Mount Namjagbarwa(南迦巴瓦峰).

▪ The Nanyi Ditch Scenic Spot(南伊沟景区) is located in the south of Mainling County of Nyingchi Prefecture. The ecological environment is well persevered, with humid climate and rich wildlife resources. 

▪ Mount Namjagbarwa(南迦巴瓦峰) is the highest mountain in Nyingchi Prefecture. It, soaring 7,782 m above sea level, is situated on the eastern dege of the Himalayan range in southeast of Tibet. Mt. Namche Barwa and Mt. Gyala Peri (7150 m) climbs thousands of feet from 2 sides of Yarlung Tsangpo River, creating the world’s deepest valley-- Namche Barwa Valley. The average depth of the valley is 5000 m, with the lowest point 5382 m. In 1994, the Great Canyon of the Namjagbarwa Valley was confirmed as the largest in the world by both the American Geographic Committee and the Guinness Book of World Records. 

▪ Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon(雅鲁藏布大峡谷): The downstream of Yarlung Zangbu River makes a sharp turn aound Namjagbarwa Mountain and flows to the south in Nyingchi, hence the precipitous canyon.

▪ Qiangna Monastery(羌纳寺) is located in Qiangan Town of Mainling County, which covers an area of 5,088 square meters, with nine monks. The temple belonging to Kagyu sect was originally built in a gutter of Qiangna Township in the 15th century. After the earthquake, it was moved to the present position in 1953 and changed to the Gelug sect.