Maizhokunggar County Accommodation

 There are some excellent accommodation here to provide visitors a comfortable place to have dinner or rest. Here, we list some of the hotels and hostel to you.

Maizhokunggar Xinke Hostel(墨竹工卡新客招待所): Located in Kunggar Road(工卡路), Xinke Hostel has a very convenient transportation and is adjacent to Wangdui Teahouse(旺堆茶馆). 

Maizhokunggar Business Hotel(墨竹工卡商务旅馆): It is situated in No. 36, Kunggar Road(工卡路), Maizhokunggar County, Lhasa City.

Maizhokunggar Sihai Hotel(墨竹工卡四海旅馆): The hotel is located in Kunggar Road(工卡路), Maizhokunggar County, Lhasa City, Tibet. It has a superior geographical location, convenient transportation and special snacks around it.

Maizhokunggar Xinxin Hotel(墨竹工卡鑫鑫旅馆): Xinxin hotel is located in Nanjing west road(南京西路), adjacent to Xinxin Dry Cleaner(鑫鑫干洗店). The transportation here is very convenient.

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