Maizhokunggar County Dining

There are many recommended specialties in Maizhokunggar County and one famous  restaurant named Changdu Restaurant(昌都饭馆).

Funaizha Porridge(腐奶渣粥) is a special snack in Tibet, and the dried milk residue is called Funaizha.
Cordyceps Fish Balls(虫草鱼肉丸) are the specialty of Lhasa. You cannot miss it in Maizhokunggar County.

Matsutake Braised Tibetan Chicken(松茸炖藏香鸡) is a special dish in Tibet. All the chicken is cut into small pieces, with unique Gymnadenia  conopsea(手掌参), matsutake(松茸), Tibetan Fritillaria(贝母), gastrodia elata(天麻), pepper, and Chinese wolfberry medicinal materials to do the soup, stewed with the pure and pollution-free stream water flowing down the snow mountains.

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