Nyalam County Accommodation

The basic facilities in Nyalam County have been greatly improved recent years. Several guesthouses and restaurants are opened to meet the demands of tourists. Tourists join the Kathmandu to Lhasa tours overland here could also replenish your necessary stuffs before heading toward Mt. Everest or Ngari. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Mysterious Tibet is capable to help you to reserve a guesthouse in Nyalam in advance and then you can take a rest directly after the toilsome journey from Kathmandu to Zhangmu. Here are some of the hotels: 

Nylam Recreational Resort(聂拉木农家乐)
Sherpa Hotel(聂拉木夏尔巴酒店)
Zhangmu Gang Gyan Hotel
Chongdui Adun Hotel
She Sha Bang Ma Hotel
Snow Land Hotel
Adun Guest House

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