Nyalam County Climate

Nyalam County enjoys a plateau temperate semi-humid climate. It has a severe cold winter. There is an obvious climate difference between the northern region and the southern region in Nyalam for the intervallic altitude difference. The northern region is always dry and cold while the southern region is warm and humid. Most of the precipitation in Nyalam is concentrated in summer and autumn.

Leaving Shelkar of Tingri county, marching towards the southwest along China-Nepal Friendship Highway, via Tingri Town (where the county site, commonly known as the old Tingri) going more than 30 km to enter the territory of Nyalam county. On the way people can see Mt. Everest from another angle. Nyalam County has mild climate, low altitude, beautiful scenery the four seasons of flowers are in full bloom, together with the special geographical position, it has a lot of potential development of tourism. China-Nepal Friendship Highway was open to traffic since 1965 (part of the 318 National Road), bilateral economic ties between the two countries are becoming more and more frequent, business travel and goods have been increasing. Here has become the main channel of China that many foreign tourist groups and mountaineering expedition come in and out. 

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