Nyemo County Travel Tips

Travel Tips
This chapter provides full information for the visitors including the planning of Tibet trips, practical information and some travel tips. Through them, hope you can have a good preparation.

● Any time to visit Nyemo Tunba is suitable to join in the local tradition and view the incense making.
● There is a small path to walk before visit Tunba village, which is worthwhile to enjoy the nature alongside and have fresh air.
● If you are interested about Tibetan language and writing, the museum is a must see to find more Tibetan calligraphy.
● For those who want to buy some Tibetan Incense, there are some stalls in the village offered the selling.
● If you are interested about the Tibetan Woodblock Printing, the Pusong Town with 30 km away Tunba is another featured site in Nyemo County to explore how Buddhist sutras are engraved.