Nyemo County Overview

Nyêmo is a county in the Lhasa prefecture-level city west of the main center of Lhasa, Tibet. It lies on the north bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, the northern part of the Brahmaputra. The county has an area of 3,276 square kilometres (1,265 sq mi), and as of 2011 had a population of 30,844 people, mostly engaged in agriculture or herding.

The county has a temperate semi-arid plateau monsoon climate, with about 100 frost-free days. Annual rainfall is 324.2 millimetres (12.76 in). Nyêmo County mineral resources are copper, molybdenum and peat. Wildlife includes leopards, bears, lynx, river deer, black-necked cranes, and pheasant. Wild plants include Fritillaria, Cordyceps, berberine and lotus.
The county seat is 3,809 metres (12,497 ft) above sea level. The Nimu Maqu River flows through the county from north to south. The Yarlung Tsangpo River forms its southern boundary. The highest point is a peak at 7,048.8 metres (23,126 ft) above sea level, and the lowest point is where the Maqu River empties into the Brahmaputra at an elevation of 3,701 metres (12,142 ft).

Highlights of Nyemo County
· Nyemo Tunba Tunda Village(吞巴乡吞达村), a small village in Nyemo County is the birthplace of Tibetan Incense.
· Nyemo Tunba Scenic Area(吞巴景区), located in Nyemo County is famous for the birthplace of Tibetan culture, there is a first Museum of Tibetan Characters.
· Former Residence of Thonmi Sambhota(吞弥·桑布扎故居), the resident place of Thonmi Sambhota, the creator of Tibetan Characters.
· Mizhutong Menlin Temple(米珠通门林寺), is the only one Bon Religion Temple(苯教寺庙) in Lhasa area.
· Ricuozhuowa Tower(日措卓娃塔), is a symbol of primitive reproduction worship(原始生殖崇拜) in Tibetan area.
· Nyêmo Iron Chain Bridge(尼木铁索桥), a bridge crossing over Nyêmo River(尼木河) from Tarong(塔荣) to Qiagu(恰古).

Travel Tips
This chapter provides full information for the visitors including the planning of Tibet trips, practical information and some travel tips. Through them, hope you can have a good preparation.
● Any time to visit Nyemo Tunba is suitable to join in the local tradition and view the incense making.
● There is a small path to walk before visit Tunba village, which is worthwhile to enjoy the nature alongside and have fresh air.
● If you are interested about Tibetan language and writing, the museum is a must see to find more Tibetan calligraphy.
● For those who want to buy some Tibetan Incense, there are some stalls in the village offered the selling.
● If you are interested about the Tibetan Woodblock Printing, the Pusong Town with 30 km away Tunba is another featured site in Nyemo County to explore how Buddhist sutras are engraved.

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