Quxu County Dining

There are many recommended specialties and some famous  restaurants in Quxu County.

Restaurants in Quxu County

Shigatse Tibetan Restaurant(日喀则藏式餐吧): It is located near No. 34 Yanhe Road(沿河路), Quxu County.  

Xining Yingbin Restaurant(西宁迎宾饭馆):It is located at No. 38 Yanhe Road, Quxu County.

Specialties in Quxu County

Tibetan Cheese is one of the famous Tibetan foods, divided into two kinds. One kind comes from the remaining material of milk after extracting the ghee. Then cook the material until it is evaporated and condensed into pieces. It can be pressed into the pie finally for eating. The other kind is cooked directly with buttermilk, and is dried to be the filaments or grains which have the sweet taste and sour taste with the white or green color.

The sheep blood sausage is a special delicacy in Lhasa, Tibet, especially in Quxu County.

The Tibetan people mainly eat beef, mutton and dairy products. It is well known that beef and mutton are very high in calories, which helps people living in high-altitude areas resist the cold. What's interesting is the Tibetan people have the habit of eating raw meat. If you go to Tibetan family of herders or farming areas, you will see there are dried beef and mutton on their houses or tents. And the host will take out the dried beef and mutton to treat you. It can only be tasted in plateau area. The palate of the dried beef and mutton is crisp and extremely delicious.

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