Quxu County Shopping

In Tibet, there are some amazing local products and herbs for visitors to appreciate and purchase as the memorial souvenirs. Here, we recommend some as the top choice for visitors to have a reference in Quxu County.

Musk(麝香) is a gland cystic secretion between the umbilical cord and the public part of the male musk deer. It has a special aroma and is one of the most valuable herbs in the world. The musk deer is distributed in areas where are cold or covered all of the natural pastures with the elevation of more than 5,000 meters. The muskiness is gentle with the functions of  heart-strengthen, brain awake, body flexibility, and meridian opening…, It can help to cure the fever, intoxication, the spirit-depressed, unconsciousness and all sorts of acute disease. What’s more, it’s also the raw material that makes the essence.

Highland barley(青稞) belongs to the gramineous barley. Since there is no shell to cover its seeds, it is also called naked barley or rice barley. Highland barley is the most important food crop of the Tibetan people, with a long history and large planting area, accounting for 56% to 60% of the planting area of grain crops in Tibet, and covering even 80% in some areas. Highland barley seed is rich in nutrition and protein content which reaches about 15%. It is the most popular staple food for Tibetan people, and it is easy to carry. The barley wine made from the highland barley grown in Tibet is the best drink of the Tibetan people. In addition, it’s also the good fodder for livestock as the straw texture is very soft.

Tibetan carpets(藏毯) are another highlight of various ethnic handicrafts in Tibet. Tibetan carpet is one of the three world's most famous carpets, with its excellent production, rich ethnic and religious patterns, and exquisite aesthetic colors. The Tibetan carpets have different sizes, and different forms of style, such as the elegant type and the showily type.

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