Rinbung County Overview

Rinbung County is located in the south of the Tibet Autonomous Region, east of Shigatse City. It has a geographical of longitude 89 ° 45 "~ 90 ° 22", latitude between 29 ° 02 "~ 29 ° 30". It is 130 kilometers away from Shigatse City. Rinbung County has a total area of 2122.82 square kilometers in 2013.

Rinbung County is located between the Mount Kailash and the Himalayas, in which there being high mountains and deep valleys, rolling hills, ravines, rivers, with an average elevation of 3950 meters. The main rivers are the Brahmaputra River. It belongs to the temperate semi-arid plateau monsoon climate.

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name:仁布县
  • Elevation:3950 meters
  • Location:in the south of the Tibet Autonomous Region, east of Shigatse City.
  • Coordinates:29 ° 02 "~ 29 ° 30" N /89 ° 45 "~ 90 ° 22" E

Highlights of Rinbung County

▪ The Dazhuka River Marsh: Located in the area of Rinbung County, it's a national natural park ranked No.1 in Rinbung.

▪ Qiangqin Temple: Located in the area of Rinbung County, it's one of religious sites.

▪ Yongze Lvcuo Lake: One of the greatest lakes in Tibet.

Best Time to Visit Rinbung County

It is recommended to get to Rinbung County during April to July and September to October.

 Festival: Praying for Fruit Festival

In the middle of August of the Tibetan Calendar, people will dress up and bring with butter tea, highland barley wine and a variety of food to the fields for having picnic. At the same time, they will sing and dance, and hold Horse racing, cattle racing, archery, stoning, wrestling and other activities and praying for a good harvest.

 Local specialty of Rinbung County

  • Gold and silver

Gold and silver production is the most complex and most difficult of a traditional process in the Tibetan national handicraft industry. The main tool is the hammer and knife, the hammer is big less than 500 grams, the smallest is only 100 grams. There are more than 100 kinds of knife, as well as stoves, bellows and so on.

  • Tibetan knife

Tibetan knife is the traditional handicraft of Tibet. There are two kinds of Tibetan knife: sword and waist knife. Sword, Tibetan called "Badangmo", about 1 meter long. Waist knife, Tibetan called "knot", the length is between 10 cm and 40 cm.

  • Tibetan carpets

Tibetan carpets are used in a wide range, divided into card mats, carpets, cushions, tapestries, horse pads, forehead’s ornaments and other parts of the decorations, and other products also belong to this type.

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