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Local specialty of Rinbung County

Cordyceps:  A kind of wild plants which grow on the grass shrub belt of the mountains over 3000 to 5000 meters. In Tibet, it is called yartsa gunbu, which means 'summer grass, winter worm' in Tibetan langusge, although it is technically neither grass nor worm. For centuries, cordyceps has been thought to possess miraculous medicinal and libidinous powers.

Gold and silver: Gold and silver production is the most complex and most difficult of a traditional process in the Tibetan national handicraft industry. The main tool is the hammer and knife, the hammer is big less than 500 grams, the smallest is only 100 grams. There are more than 100 kinds of knife, as well as stoves, bellows and so on.

Tibetan knife:Tibetan knife is the traditional handicraft of Tibet. There are two kinds of Tibetan knife: sword and waist knife. Sword, Tibetan called "Badangmo", about 1 meter long. Waist knife, Tibetan called "knot", the length is between 10 cm and 40 cm.

Tibetan carpets: Tibetan carpets are used in a wide range, divided into card mats, carpets, cushions, tapestries, horse pads, forehead’s ornaments and other parts of the decorations, and other products also belong to this type.

Yak Meat : Rinbung is also famous for its Yaks. The local Yak meat is widely popular in the all Tibet, even in China.

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