Sa'gya County Dining

As Sagya is relatively remote, the dining in Sagya is mainly limited to local Tibetan food, Sichuan cuisine and Nepalese dishes. Most of the restaurants in Sagya, even the street restaurants and night markets, provide Tibetan dishes, Tibetan sausage, high-land barley wine and yak butter, beef and mutton, tongue of yak that served cold and dressed with sauce, tsampa, various kinds of cookies and sweat tea, milk tea, yogurt, roasted sausage, dried meat, etc. Here, we offer three famous restaurants in Sagya County for visitors to have a good meal.

  • Huayi Shuxiang Restaurant(华邑蜀香酒楼): Located in Deji Middle Road(德吉中路), Sagya County, Shigatse
  • Yaoshi Restaurant(钥匙餐厅): Located in No. 6 Baogang Middle Road(宝钢中路6号), Sagya County
  • Sunshine Tibet Meal(阳光藏餐): Located in Deji Middle Road(德吉东路), Sagya County

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