Sa'gya County Accommodation

Here we provide some suggested hotels in Sagya County to provide visitors a better and more convenient trip.

  1. Yuanfu Grand Hotel in Sagya County, Shigatse(日喀则萨迦元府大酒店): Located in No.1 Kelsang East Road(格桑东路), Sagya County, Shigatse
  2. Luwa Tibetan Hotel in Sagya, Shigatse(日喀则萨迦鲁娃藏家宾馆): Located in No.35 Baogang North Road(宝钢北路), Sagya County, Shigatse
  3. Sagya Shenhu Hotel(神湖萨迦宾馆): Located in No. 1 Kelsang West Road(格桑西路), Sagya County, Shigatse
  4. Shangjiu Hotel in Sagya, Shigatse(日喀则萨迦善久旅馆): Located in No.54 Baogang North Road(宝钢北路), Sagya County, SHigatse
  5. Shigatse Sagya Hotel(日喀则萨迦宾馆): Located in No.1 Kelsang Road(格桑路), Shigatse