Xainza County Attractions

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Kajiao Luma Hot Spring(卡角鲁玛泉): Located in the northwest of Xainza County, the Kajiao Luma Spring is surrounded by natural pastures with yaks and Tibetan sheep.meaning "sticky spring" .

Shenzha Zangbu Wetland (申扎藏布湿地): Shenzha Zangbu Wetland is the main habitat and breeding ground of black-necked crane. With an area of 87 square kilometers, the wetland is full of harmony between man and nature, and the harmony between man and black-necked crane.

Mujiu Wetland(木纠湿地): The wetland consists of bird island and wetland with an altitude of about 4,800 meters. This area is the core area of National Nature Reserve.

Jiagang Mountain(甲岗峰): The peak of Jiagang Mountain is 6,444 meters above sea level. Located in Xainza County, Tibet Autonomous Region of China. it is only about 10 kilometers away from county, and can be seen clearly in Xainza County.

GuomangTso Lake(果忙措): Located in the northeast of Xainza County, the lake is surrounded by fine natural pasture.with an altitude of 4,629 meters and an area of 96 square kilometers.

Juemo Jiegeng Lamu Mountain(觉莫杰庚拉姆山): It is said that this mountain is one of the twelve females .There are four famous peaks around the mountain.

Jiangai Zangbu River(江爱藏布江):  Located in the northwest of Xainza County, its downstream is renamed "A soft cloth" which is an interior river.

Cuoe Bird Island(错鄂鸟岛): Located in the side of Silingtso Town of Xainza County, the wetlands are protected areas for the protection of black-necked cranes which is the only one among the 15 species known to live on the plateau in the world.