Yadong County Accommodation

To offer visitors a more convenient trip in Yadong County, Shigatse, we list several hotels for the latest and lowest prices for visitors to have a reference.

  1. Yadong Shanghai Garden Grand Hotel(亚东上海花园大酒店): LOcated in No. 98 Yadong Middle Road(亚东中路), Yadong County, Shigatse.
  2. Yadong Xueshan Shengyu Grand Hotel(亚东雪山圣渔大酒店): Located nearby Yadong Bus Station
  3. Yadong Chuandong Business Hotel(亚东川东商务宾馆): Located in No. 18 Yadong West Road(城西路)
  4. Yadong Yingxiang Grand Hotel(亚东印象大酒店): Located in No. 1 Dingya Road(定亚路)