Zhongba County Tibet Tours

Shigatze tour is one of the most attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists stunning and amazing views in Tibet. It couldn’t be better to travel to Zhongba County in Tibet. We provide some types of tour packages for visitors to Zhongba County. Here, we recommend and arrange some efficient and suitable tour routes and tour packages in Zhongba County, in Shigatse and even in the whole Tibet for the travelers to have a better trip and comfortable service. Here we list some attractive highlights in Zhongba County for visitors to have a reference, including some famous attractions at a lower cost, Mount Himalayas(喜马拉雅山), Mount Gangdise(冈底斯山), Yarlung Zangbo River(雅鲁藏布江), Jiema Yangzong Glacier(杰马央宗冰川), Palong Cuo(帕龙措), Biduo Zangbu(毕多藏布), Zhachang Gongba Monastery(扎昌贡巴寺),  Zhongba high temperature geyser(仲巴高温间歇喷泉), and Baryang(帕羊).