Zhongba County Travel Tips

 Here are some travel tips we listed for the visitors so that the visitors can have an unforgettable and amazing trip in Zhongba County.

  1. Best time travel to Zhongba County is Spring and Autumn.
  2. Due to the high altitudes climatic conditions of Tibet, visitors should pay attention to the prevention and cure of the syndromes including headache, dizziness, flustered, shortness of breath, the plateau response, especially people who have chronic respiratory disease or cardiovascular disease.
  3. Sunglasses is absolutely necessary for all seasons to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and glisten of the snow; suntan lotion, skin cream and lipstick are also essential in the dry air and scalding sunlight, so, dear sirs, don’t be careless just because you are males, for there are really some guys who left with burnt noses.
  4. Even in winter, the sun is still strong in Tibet, so people travel to Tibet are supposed to prepare well with their sunglasses, sunscreens, lip gloss and other items. Due to the large temperature difference day and night, the tourists need to prepare enough clothes, preferably a winter jacket.