Nyainrong County

Nyainrong County Overview

Chinese Name: 聂荣县 English IPA: Nie Rongxian Location: Located in the north of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the south of Tanggula Mountain Population (city): Over 30,000 Population Language: Tibetan Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

About Nyainrong County

Nyainrong County(聂荣县) is an administer county in Naqu(那曲)Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, located in the north of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the south of Tanggula Mountain(唐古拉山). It is the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau(青藏高原) Bordering with Xinxiang Uyghur Autonomous Region(新疆维吾尔族自治区) and Qinghai Province(青海省). It is low in the northwest and higher in the southeast with the average elevation of about 4,700 meters. Here are many rolling hills and ditches scattered all around. Some peaks in the northwest cover with snow all year, while the peaks in the middle and the south have a higher relatively height. There are many beautiful and spectacular mountains for visitors to travel in the county.

Highlights in Nyainrong County

Yupu Peak(玉浦峰): It is also called Yongpu Peak, meaning jade gutter mountain. The peak is located in the northeast of Nyainrong County, within Naqu Region.

Tinggei Suowaangya Mountain(汀给索瓦昂亚山): It is regarded as an important God Mountain by the grassland herder.

Zama Bengzha Mountain(杂玛崩扎山): It is a beautiful and spectacular snow mountain in Nyainrong County.

Nata Saibao Peak(那塔赛保峰): It is located in the northwest of Nyainrong County.

Jiazan Zhanai Caiya Mountain(嘉赞扎乃蔡亚山): It is in red color situated in Nyainrong County.

Zhuoru Zhadong Nabao Peak(卓如扎冬纳保峰): It is in the northeast of Nyainrong County.

Other Destinations in Nyainrong County

    Nyainrong County Attractions

    Here in the county, visitors can view the beautiful and spectacular natural scenery of the hot spring and snow mountains. Zhepo Caka Spring(折颇擦喀温泉): It is also known as Zhebo Chaka Spring, which means the Bear Spring. The hot spring which has a great effect on the treatment of various diseases is located in the northeast of Nyainrong County. It is surrounded by endless natural pastures, yaks and Tibetan sheep. Zhuoru Zhadong Nabao Peak(卓如扎冬纳保峰): It is situated in the northeast of Nyainrong County,meaning [...]

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    Nyainrong County Tours

    Nyainrong County tour is one of the most breathtaking natural tour in Tibet. Here in the county, visitors can view the beautiful and spectacular natural scenery of the hot spring and snow mountain, can hike up to the snow mountains and can purchase some exquisite and excellent local special crafts. This tour includes Yupu Peak(玉浦峰), Tinggei Suowaangya Mountain(汀给索瓦昂亚山), Zama Bengzha Mountain(杂玛崩扎山), Nata Saibao Peak(那塔赛保峰), Jiazan Zhanai Caiya Mountain(嘉赞扎乃蔡亚山), and Zhuoru Zhadong Nabao Peak(卓如扎冬纳保峰). [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Nyainrong County is a semi-arid monsoon climate zone where there is no absolute frost free period. There are always in the winter time without the summer. The annual rain and snow days can reach about 100 days with the annual precipitation of 400 mm. The common natural disasters include snow, wind, drought, earthquake, etc. [...]

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    You can take a train to Naqu City, and then have a travel chartered bus from Naqu City to Nyainrong County for 93.2 kilometers. The trunk road is Nagqu-Nyainrong highway and Nyainrong-Wula highway, which has a length of 100 kilometers and 156 kilometers respectively. More than 100 villages have roads in 1 district and 9 countryside in the county, adds up to traffic mileage of 575 kilometers. Also there are rural roads 330 km. [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Festival and Activities in Nyainrong County There is one special festival named Yaerji(亚尔吉)held every June in Zang Calendar,)which means a carnival for the summer. The herdsmen of Nyainrong County will wear colorful nationality costumes, and enjoy the pleasure of the Yarji festival in the form of horse racing and local religious activities. Local people will have a feast of buttered tea, milk tea and all kinds of small food during the festival. During the 10-day carnival, the village will hold a large [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Traveling Seasons: May to September is the best tourist season; the temperature is agreeable and lively with so many festivals and activities held here. Deep into Tibetan areas, visitors should respect the faith and living habits of ethnic minorities. No Shouting at temples and Tibetan homes. Some temples and religious sites are banned from taking photos. Some old people also don't like taking photos, which should be respected as much as possible. [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To give the visitors a better trip in Nyainrong County, we list some related maps about Nyainrong County, including Nyainrong County Maps, Nyainrong Tourist Maps, Nyainrong City Map, and Nyainrong Location Map. [...]

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    Nyainrong County Accommodation

    There are some small hotels and family inns in the county, so it's not so difficult to find a place for you to rest and have dinner here. [...]

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