Zandan Monastery in Sog County, Nagqu

Chinese Name: 赞丹寺
English Name: Zandan Monastery 
Location: Located in Sog County, on the top of Yaladuo Mountain
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Zandan Monastery in Sog County, Nagqu

Zandan Monastery, also known as Suoxiu Gandan Peijin Monastery(索秀甘丹培金林). It is located in Sog County, 220 kilometers away from Nagqu County seat. According to lengend, there is the birthplace of Senjiang Zhumu(森江·珠牧) who is the favorite wife of king Gesar in Epic of King Gesar(格萨尔王传).

According to historical records, Zandan Monastery was built in 1668 when the fifth Dalai Lama in power. The architectures of Zandan Monastery is majestic and magnificent. It could be divided into two building groups of red and white. Zandan Monastery looks like Potala Palace in the distance, so it is called the “Little Potala Palace” in Tibet. It is the first monastery of the Yellow Sect monasteries in northern Tibet and the largest Buddhist ancient buildings. Zandan Monastery is a sect of Drepung Monastery. Zandan Monastery has a large precious collection of statues, murals and Buddhist sutras, which has high cultural and artistic value.

Attraction Transportation: 

Zandan Monastery is located in Sog County, on the top of Yaladuo Mountain. Visitors can take long-distance bus or choose self-driving from. Please pay attention to weather conditions. In the rainy season (July & August), cars often get struck in the mud and delays happen frequently. 

Attraction Tips: 
• Traveling Hours: 1 hour
• Traveling Seasons: All seasons
• High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content
• Bring a good, broad spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF factor and a high SPF lip sunscreen to protect your lips too. 
• Never climb or sit on Buddhist statues or stupas.
• Avoid touching the head of monks or nuns and show respect to a nun or monk or spiritual teacher.
• Remove your shoes and your hat when entering a shrine room or monastery.