Unforgettable Tibet Trip to Mount Everest in Shigatse and Mount Kailsh in Ngari

Hey guy, maybe a bit long in the report and hope you can enjoy it, the is the 1st time I was in Tibet, this is my dream place which I would like to go more then 30 years. The tour was organized by Mysterious Tibet.

People: 4 ( 2 Male, 2 Ladies), 3 HK people and 1 mainland
Tour operator: Tibet Visa
Car: Land cruiser 4WD
How to go in Lhasa: Take flight from Shenzhen and transit in Chengdu another flight
How to go out in Lhasa: Take flight back to Shenzhen and stop over in Kumming

Day 1 (10th): Afternoon around 15:00 arrival in Lhasa
Day 2 and 3(11-12th): In Lhasa
Day 4 (13rd) – Day 18 (27th): 15 days tour in Ngari northwest
Day 4 (13th): 1st day car, Lhasa (3600m) – Shigatse (3860m), around 360 Km, 8 hrs
Day 5 (14th): 2nd day car, Shigatse (3860m) – EBC basecamp (5200m), around 358 Km, 8-9 hrs
Day 6 (15th): 3rd day car, EBC camp – Saga (4500m), around 450 Km, around 10 hrs
Day 7 (16th): 4th day car, Saga – Darchen (4675m), around 450 Km, around 1o hrs
Day 8 (17th): 5th day car, hiking in Mt. Kaliash in Day 1, walk 13 hrs, from 9:00 – 22:30, 27Km
Day 9 (18th): 6th day car, hiking in Mt. Kaliash in Day 2, walk 5 hrs, from 8:00 – 12:00, 10Km, back to Darken
Day 10 (19th):7th day car, Darken - Purang (3750m), around 80 Km, around 3 hrs
Day 11 (20th):8th day car, Purang – Zagreb (3750m), around 340Km, around 7 hrs
Day 12 (21st): 9th day car, Zagreb – Shiquan River (3750m), around 400 Km, around 8 hrs
Day 13 (22nd): 10th day car, Shiquan River – Pinging Tso – Shiquan River – Gerze (4500m), around 700 Km, 16 hrs
Day 14 (23rd): 11th day car, Gerze – Coqan County (4630m), 270 Km, around 7 hrs
Day 15 (24th): 12th day car, Coqan County – South village cloth (4600m), 280 Km, around 7-7.5 hrs
Day 16 (25th): 13th day car, South village cloth – Nima – Bangkog (4700m), around 350 Km, around 8.5 hrs
Day 17 (26th): 14 day car, Bangkok – Namtso (4718m), around 200 Km, around 6 hrs
Day 18 (27th): 15th day car, Namtso – Lhasa (3600m), around 200 Km around 6 hrs
Day 19 (28th): Relax around the City
Day 20 (29th): Driver pick up at hotel, take at the morning flight back to Shenzhen

Above High altitude
2 of us eat some pills around 10 days before arrival Lhasa and also stop around 1 week medium to heavy sport (I used to play badminton 2-3 times per week)
4 of us have high altitude after 2-3 hours after we land Lhasa by flight, so I can say, no use at all to eat pills in advance
No bathing for the first days and to me, even second day
High altitude is really like a nightmare, headache and seem like someone hit your head, tell you guy one thing and then you can imagine how, first night when I try to set the alarm in my iPhone 6 plus, in the past, just 1 min process, but I did almost like in 5 min, that time I wonder: “ is iPhone provide this service ?”, so you can imagine !
Eat the local Lhasa pills, my fd take Diaomxi and even drink ‘Red Bulls’ (tell more later), then problems can release better after 2 days, but come back again in EBC, tell more later
when we travel in Lhasa city, I can see Oxygen is 64%, wow….cool !

Lake / Tso
There is so many lakes / tso in this area, to me the most impressive is: Zhai Namco Tangra Yumco, will try to tell more later

this place near border Nepal, it is a bit boring when just go over there as it is very dry and hot, seem nothing, BUT after visit the restaurant, the chef told us we must see some place, then to me, totally change, also we meet Tibet’s tour guide who bring 2-3 car Indian people to Lake Manaarovar and also to Mt. Kaliash, interesting..

Way back from Shiquan River to Lhasa
Most of the road is bumpy road but we see so many new construction. This is a very long way and so tired

Tour operator
– Tibet visa is very professional and well co-operate, I would like to give credit to Cindy Cao as she always a big help, reply to my e-mail or web chat very quickly, thanks Cindy Cao!

Land Cruiser 4WD
Nice car, just don’t understand why the car don’t open air-condition as when drive over in bumpy road, then all the sand / dirty come over from outside to car

– Nice, even he cannot speak too much Mandarin, but we can communicate and play together !

Try to mention what I see and my feeling day by day, also upload some photos later, that all at the moment ! Hope it will not be too boring !