Fantestic Tibet Tour to Lhasa, Shigatse and Mount Everest with Mysterious Tibet

Dear Kelly
I had  experience with my trip Lhasa to Everest Base Camp, and the last point wasn’t because the travel agency but rather unfriendly weather at EBC and road construction in way which are obviously out of control.

I had great impression of my contact, Ms. Cindy Xiao. She’s so helpful to fulfill any my requirement and my never ending question about small thing. Even, at some point, i have to contact her to ask how a panel in my hotel works because all written in Chinese, she drew all the function and send me back the picture. Even though, there is a word in itinerary that confuse me from one site to another.

About the guide, at first, i wasn’t expecting much. I was told by the travel agency that the guide could be an english speaking Indian educated which i was given an option to change him/her in first day if his/her english is not clear enough for me. Then when i was walking out Lhasa train station, after half-hopeless because i had no idea how to call travel agency to notify that i have been in the city, i saw this guy smiling waving white paper with my name on it.

Later on, i figured out that this Tibetan guy is Mr. Sonam Tenphel and he speaks English fluently and surprisingly with familiar accent to my ear. It’s not Chinese nor Indian accent. His was apologizing because he couldn’t greet right in front of arrival gate because of military protocol so i had to wander around for minutes.

Now I recognize Mr. Sonam as one of greatest tour guide i have ever encountered with. He’s so passionate and fluent to explain every detail of palace, temple, monastery, stupa, statue, and tomb we walked through as well as understand the reason behind why every rules is applied. He was able to relate every culture in explanation to real Tibetan life today.

His ethics of responsibility, punctuality, responsiveness, and friendliness also beyond doubt. He responsible to make sure our group journey is flawless. Hotel checking-in, car arrangement, and meal were smooth without unreasonable delay. One day, one of our car wasn’t fit to climb hundred of meters to Yamdrok lake, without any unnecessary speech he’s already prepared spare car and driver just before we climbed to the lake.

Some day in couple years, i will come back to Tibet to visit some place i haven’t been and place that couldn’t be enjoyed as much as possible because of the weather. I definitely only want to Mr. Sonam to be my guide again. I also strongly recommend to you looking for Sonam as guide.

One thing that i have never expected before is the people in my group. It’s mixed country, mostly young, and they are really nice. I admire many qualities showed by each person. It could be knowledge, tolerance, braveness, and most of all is kindness. It’s amazing that i got great place, great guide, and great people in same time.
Thanks for Mysterious Tibet again.