How to Get to Gonggar County from Lhasa City

This article is about the transportation between Gonggar County and Lhasa. Gonggar County is a county of Shannan in the Tibet Autonomous Region, one of the 12 counties of the prefecture. It has under its jurisdiction 5 towns, 3 townships, 43 administrative villages (neighbourhood committees) and 168 village development committees and contains notable landmarks such as the Gonggar Choide Monastery, the Gonggar Dzong, and the Gonggar Airport and the Gonggar town.

How to Get to Gonggar County from Lhasa City?

There are four ways to get to Gonggar County from Lhasa City which are by bus, taxi, private car rental or carpooling.

By Bus

There are some buses running between Lhasa City ang Gonggar Internation Airport. It is departing from Bureau of Civil Aviation. It departs every 30 minutes. It costs about CNY 30 with 1 hour and 10 minutes.

By Carpooling

There are also some cars running to Gonggar County from Lhasa. They are departing from Bureau of Civil Aviation as well. But its price is higher than by bus. It costs about CNY 50.

By Taxi

If you do not want to share the car with other people, you can chose to take taxi to get to Gonggar County. It is the most expensive way. It might cost CNY 180-200.

By Private Car Rental

You can chose to get there by private car rental. The whole distance is about 66 km. You might spend 1 hour and 20 minutes for driving.


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