Wolfberries help enrich people’s wallets

The news was updated on May 17, 2019.

Local residents working on the wolfberries production line at the industry park.

In the phase one of the wolfberries ecological tourism industry park in Bainang County of Shigatse in southwest China’s Tibet, over 900 thousand excellent young wolfberry plants were planted by April of 2017, with the seedling survival rate at more than 85%. In 2018, four hundred tons of wolfberries were harvested.

Phase one of the industry park has effectively helped 283 local residents gain employment, thirty-five of whom are from poverty-striken families, and earned the residents a monthly income of 4,500 yuan (653.8 US dollars). In addition, the profit-sharing mechanism has provided dividends of 500 thousand yuan (72.6 thousand US dollars) to 500 impoverished residents.