2 Days Tibet Travel Itinerary

Compared with 1 Day Tibet Tour Itinerary, 2 Days Tibet Tour Itinerary makes your trip less urgent and let you enjoy more scenery. Similarly, 2 days Tibet travel is mainly in Lhasa.

2 Days Tibet Tour Itinerary in Lhasa

This 2 days Lhasa Tibet travel will take you to visit Namtso Lake, and you will spend a night at Namtso Lake. In this way, you can not only enjoy the attractive view of the Namtso Lake and its surrounding hills, but also enjoy the sunrises in the quiet morning and the sunsets at dusk. Or you can spend one day at Namtso lake, and one day in the urban area of Lhasa city. In the downtown of Lhasa, you can visit the Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace, and shop at the barkhor street to enjoy the leisure time. 

 2 Days Namtso Lake Tours