5 Days Nyingchi Namcha Barwa and Nala Tso Lake Hiking Tour

Namcha Barwa, which is interpreted as “burning like lightning” in Tibetan language, it is  the head of the ten most beautiful mountains in China. With an altitude of 7782 meters, Nangcha Barwa is known as “father of iceberg” and “heaven in the cloud”. Nala Tso, which means “lake of the heaven vein” in Tibetan language, is at an altitude of 4300 meters. It integrates plateau glaciers, forest and lakes. These two places have always been regarded as resorts. You will visit the highlight of Nyingchi, Pai Town(派镇), Gega bridge(格嘎大桥), Mount Namcha Barwa, Linjuan forest(林娟林海), Nala Tso(那拉措). This part can’t missed.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Nyingchi- Pai Town
Day 2: Pai Town- Namcha Barwa
Day 3: Namcha Barwa- Nala Tso
Day 4: Nala Tso- Namcha Barwa Viewing Platform
Day 5: Pai Town- Nyingchi

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Nyingchi- Pai Town

Sightseeing and Activities
Accommodation: Pai Town

Transfer from Nyingchi to Pai Town(派镇) before your hiking tour.

Day 2 Pai Town- Gega Bridge- The First Base Camp of Namcha Barwa(Total 18 km, 10 km by car and 8 km by walk)

Sightseeing and Activities
Accommodation: The First Base Camp of Mount Namcha Barwa

Take a bus to visit the Scenic spot of Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. You can enjoy daduka(大渡卡), big mulberry trees – Love sturdy as stone, Namcha Barwa scenic spot, canyon torrent scenic spot, etc. Get off the car in Gega bridge(格嘎大桥) (2883 meters) and start walking to the first base camp of Mount Namcha Barwa(南迦巴瓦峰第一大本营). Altitude is  3527 meters and with mobile phone coverage.

Day 3 The First Base Camp of Namcha Barwa- Linjuan Forest- Nala Tso(Total 8 km)

Sightseeing and Activities: Namcha Barwa, Linjuan Forest, Nala Tso
Accommodation: Nala Tso

You can see the sunrise in Namcha Barwa in morning. It’s magnificent! Then go through the Jidingdangga(极定当嘎) grass dam to visit the Jidingdangga village. Then enter the primeval forest and cross the Gegagou valley(格嘎沟), there are torrents, rivers and glaciers pouring down. And there have several kilometers of Azalea Forest.

Day 4 Nala Tso- Namcha Barwa Viewing Platform(Total 9 km)

Sightseeing and Activities: Namcha Barwa, Nala Tso
Accommodation: Pai Town

After breakfast, start to tour Nala Tso lake, which is 4300 meters above sea level. It takes 3 to 4 hours to around the lake. After the completion of the lake tour, return to pass through the forest Canyon and then go to the Namcha Barwa viewing platform, which will be transferred back to the transfer station by the scenic bus. There is very little drinking water along the way, please pay attention to take some bottle of water.

Day 5 Pai Town- Nyingchi

Sightseeing and Activities: Return

Drive back to Nyingchi from Pai Town. 

Useful Travel Tips

The Advice of Hiking in Nala Tso

  • The best way to rest on foot is to rest for 10 minutes every hour and 30 hours every 2 hours.
  • In case of rainy weather during the trip, it is recommended to wear rainproof charge clothes, sun hat and sunglasses.
  • Prepare water bottles with large capacity and food with high heat and easy to carry.
  • Take essential balm, band aids, coldsmedicine, diarrhea medicine and other commonly used drugs with you.
  • Prepare sunscreen and skin care products with high SPF.
  • Prepare Leggings for long-term hiking (you can buy them in Pai townscenic area) which can relieve leg muscle ache.
  • Prepare climbing stick for hikingwhich can reduce physical consumption.