Among the 7 administrative regions in Tibet, there is only one prefecture named Ngari. Located at the junction of Himalayas, the Gangdise, the Kunlun Mountains and Karakorum Mountains, Ngari is a dream destination for both travelers and pilgrims who share the magnificent landscape, inspiring culture and friendship of local Tibetan together. Ngari is noted for its sacred mountain and holy lake, namely, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova, which draw a crowd of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. While he ruins of Guge Kingdom brings you a mysterious Ngari. The Ruins of Guge Kingdom is a wonder of Nagri, considered as the old Summer Palace of Tibet. It is a ruin that records the brilliant cultural and artistic achievement of Guge Kingdom, especially its gorgeous murals. The Ruins of Guge Kingdom will be a window to the culture and history of Ngari. Besides, Ngari has jurisdiction over 7 counties, they are Gar County(噶尔县), Burang County(普兰县), Zanda County(札达县), Rutog County(日土县), Gê’gyai County(革吉县), Gêrzê County(改则县), Coqên County(措勤县). 

Administrative Division Seat of Government Area under Jurisdiction 
Gar County Shiquanhe Town Shiquanhe Town(狮泉河镇), Zhaxigang Town(扎西岗乡), Mentu Town(门士乡), Zuozuo Town(左左乡), Kunsha Town(昆莎乡)
Burang County Burang Town Burang Town(普兰镇), Baga Town(巴嘎乡), Huoer Town(霍尔乡)
Zanda County Tuolin Town Chulu Songjie Town (楚鲁松杰乡), Tuolin Town(托林镇), Sarang Town(萨让乡), Daba Town(达巴乡), Diya Town(底雅乡), Xiangzi Town(香孜乡), Qusong Town(曲松乡)
Rutog County Rutog Town Rutog Town(日土镇), Duoma Town(多玛乡), Risong Town(日松乡), Rebang Town(热帮乡), Dongru Town(东汝乡)
Gê’gyai County Gê’gyai Town  Gê’gyai Town(革吉镇), Xiongba Town(雄巴乡), Yare Town(亚热乡), Yanhu Town(盐湖乡), Wenbu Dangsang Town(文布当桑乡)
Gêrzê County Gêrzê Town Gêrzê Tow(改则镇), Wuma Town(物玛乡), Xianqian Town(先遣乡), Mami Town(麻米乡), Dongcuo Town(洞措乡), Jimu Town(古姆乡), Chabu Town(察布乡)
Coqên County Coqên Town Coqên Town (措勤镇), Quluo Town(曲洛乡), Jiangrang Town(江让乡), Daxiong Town(达雄乡), Cishi Town(磁石乡)