Baingoin County Attractions

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Nyenchen Tanglha Glacier(念青唐古拉冰川): Glacier area is 7536 square kilometers, averaging 14.943 billion cubic meters per year.The kachin glacier is the largest Marine glacier in China.

 Zhajun Monastery(扎君寺): Located in the southeast of Baingoin County, it consists of the hall, the Buddhist temple surrounded by natural pastures which the Lord is the statue of Sakyamuni.

Ziri Gongba Monastery(孜日贡巴寺): Located in the northeast of Baingoin County, it is a small temple in the pastoral area,meaning the "White dot temple on the forehead". The temple contains Buddha statues and various Buddhist sutra.

Qiduo Cave Painting(其多山洞穴岩画):  Distributed in two natural caves in the mountains, all the cave paintings are painted in red color. One of the caves has more than 200 images, including animals, characters and symbols, which are painted many times.

Yaxu Qiongguo Spring(雅许琼果泉): Located in Baingoin County, the spring is surrounded by natural pastures, with yaks and Tibetan sheep.