Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Baingoin County, Nagqu

The Museum of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Baingoin County (那曲班戈县非物质文化遗产博物馆) is located in Baingoin County, Nagqu of Tibet.

Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Baingoin County Is located in bangor county cultural industry park, the exhibition is divided into sequence hall, the exhibition hall, tail hall, including bangor secret land exhibition, folk pavilion, intangible project traditional medicine exhibition, folk literature exhibition, etc., focusing on the 168 pieces reflect the history of the development of all kinds of important collections, including “Dea” “,”, “rope” game, as well as the Tibetan marriage customs, Bangor language, crafts, etc.

Baingoin County has done a lot of work in the protection, inheritance and utilization of intangible cultural heritage. At present, Bango County has 2 national, 6 autonomous region level, 4 municipal and 102 county-level intangible cultural heritage projects, including 1 national non-genetic inheritors, 10 autonomous region non-genetic inheritors and 105 county-level non-genetic inheritors.