Baqen County Overview

Where is Baqen County

Located in eastern Nagqu Prefecture and the Great Lakes in southern Qiangtang basin of the upper reaches of Nujiang River, it stands higher in the north and lower in the south, with an average altitude of 4500 meters above. Baqen County belongs to Nagqu Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. With natural beauties, folk customs and gorgeous places of interests, it is definitely unforgettable for you to pay a visit to Baqen County. 

Basic Information of Baqen County


● Chinese Name: 巴青县

● Population:423,566(in 2010)

● Area: 10,326 square kilometers

● Zip code: 852100

● Dialing code: (+86) 0896

Average Altitude: 4500 meters

Baqen County Climate  

Baqen County is attached to the semi-humid monsoon climate zone with annual sunshine of 2402 hours. The annual temperature difference is so huge in day and night with thin air and strong sunshine.

Baqen County Attractions

Maimo Cave
Maimo Cave

• Maimo Cave( 麦莫溶洞): Located in the middle of the mountain, the cave from the ground to the top of the hole, has three or four stories high.The top of the hole is constantly pouring down.There are several small holes around the entrance of the cave with many naturally formed stone stairs and pendulous ice pillars in the cave which there are three humanoid rocks on the front.

• Meimu Cave( 梅木溶洞): The cave consists of three caves which entrance is in the hillside and all of them are connected with one another. There are several small holes around the entrance and many small caves.

• Natural Hot Springs(天然温泉): On the grassland, there are all kinds of natural springs. After years of accumulation, these springs of minerals naturally formed into sedimentary rocks of unequal size.The springs was steaming under the sun, and the heat was coming out. Minerals in the hot spring can treat diseases like skin disease.

Baqen County Folk Customs

In Tingri County, there are Han, Tibetan and Uighur peoples. Natural beauties there also endow people of Tingri County with colorful folk arts and crafts, songs and dances.

Diet: Zanba, herdsmen's beef, butter tea, milk and milk products.

Living in Pastoral Areas: Herdsmen’s residence is usually tents, and the tents are only used for grazing point.

Marriage: With the development of society, marriage and spouse gradually become free although there are still some parental intervention in marriage. In addition, there are some phenomenon of polyandry and paying much attention to the level of blood. As well, people has the customs to hold a wedding ceremony.

Baqen County Transportation

You can choose either self-driving traveling or take public transportation. Take a train or bus from Lhasa to Nagqu, and then you can get to Baqeen County by bus.

Baqen County Travel Tips

Every tourists need the travel tips listed below when traveling to Baqen County.
Avoid High Altitude Reaction:
●With the high altitude of about 5000 meters, changeable weather and strong wind during the day and night in Baqen, you’d better bring some warm clothes and medicine. Please remember to bring sunglasses with you.
● Meanwhile, please do not act and move too fast even though you're taking photos and enjoying the stunning views.
● Baqen is prestigious as the paradise of the wild animals, such as wild yaks, wild donkeys, Tibetan antelopes, wolves, and foxes. The local products: ghee, wool, sheepskin, cowhide, some kinds of fish, etc. As one of the holy Tibetan Religious places, there are lots of holy mountains and holy lakes in this region, including Mt.Kailash, Lake Manasarovar.

Best Time to Visit Baqen County

With thin air, Baqen County is alpine, so it is cold in winter and cool in summer. Because of strong solar radiation, long sunshine time, relatively large temperature’s difference and driven snow in winter, Spring and Summer are the best time to travel.

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