Baqen County Tibet Tours

Baqen Tour is one of the attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists of stunning  views in Tibet. It couldn't be better to tour Baqen County when travelling in Tibet. As the Top Tibet tour operator, Mysterious Tibet promises to present the ultimate travel experience to world-wide tourists via a galaxy of carefully-engineered tour products. Our quality service begins as our thoughtful travel consultants handle your emails to inquire a customized Tibet tour. 
All our seasoned Tibetan guides are well-trained and hospitable. They are ready to help you out whenever you have difficulties touring in Tibet. Meanwhile, ensuring a pleasant and safe tour on the extreme plateau is our primary concerns. We provide some types of tour packages for visiting Baqen County including these famous attractions at the best price:

• Maimo Cave( 麦莫溶洞): Located in the middle of the mountain, the cave from the ground to the top of the hole, has three or four stories high.The top of the hole is constantly pouring down.There are several small holes around the entrance of the cave with many naturally formed stone stairs and pendulous ice pillars in the cave which there are three humanoid rocks on the front.

• Meimu Cave( 梅木溶洞): The cave consists of three caves which entrance is in the hillside and all of them are connected with one another. There are several small holes around the entrance and many small caves.

• Natural Hot Springs(天然温泉): On the grassland, there are all kinds of natural springs. After years of accumulation, these springs of minerals naturally formed into sedimentary rocks of unequal size.The springs was steaming under the sun, and the heat was coming out. Minerals in the hot spring can treat diseases like skin disease.