Bayi District Accommodation

Visitors can choose lots of hotels varied from budget one to five star in Bayi. Most of the hotels in Bayi provide high-qualified service. The prices are reasonable and all-inclusive. You can enjoy different style of breakfast, a western breakfast or a Tibetan breakfast. Parking is out of charge and free wifi is equipped. The considerate services would make you relax and comfortable. No matter where you stay in Nyingchi, you won’t miss any attractions of your journey. 

Bayi Town Bolang Bingchuan Hotel in  Nyingchi(林芝八一镇勃勃朗冰川酒店): Located IN No. 187 Shuangyong South Road(双拥南路), Bayi District, Nyingchi 

Nyingchi Leile Inn(林芝累了客栈): Located in No. 91 Shuangyong North Road, Bayi District, Nyingchi

Nyingchi Gazhuowu Inn(林芝嘎卓坞客栈): Located in No. 35 Shuangdong Road(双东路), Bayi District, Nyingchi

Nyingchi Juyuan Hotel(林芝聚源酒店): Located in No. 2 Keji Road(科技路), Bayi District