Bayi District Dining

Bayi District Cuisines

Bayi District in Nyingchi is much developed than before. Tourists making a Nyingchi tour don't need to be over worried about the food problems in Nyingchi since there would be various different restaurants for your reference. The local Tibetan food and Sichuan food which matches the public taste would always be available in the restaurants in Bayi District.

Just like at the other regions on Tibet Plateau, tourists making a Nyingchi tour could always see a lot of restaurants provide Sichuan-style food in Nyingchi. Actually, Sichuan-style is widely accepted by local Tibetans and foreign tourists for its great look, good smell and delicious taste. Except for the Sichuan-style dishes, tourists could also eat some Guangdong-style food in Bayi District, Nyingchi Prefecture. There are also restaurants specialized in fish. This kind of restaurants is quite suitable for vegetarian tourists. Besides, tourists could also try some local specialties in some small local restaurants.

Tourists making a Nyingchi tour to Bayi District are highly advised to have a taste of the chicken stewed by the stone spot. It is one of the most famous specialties in Nyingchi. It is a quite nutrient dish which is beneficial for the adaptation to the high plateau environment for tourists come to Tibet the first time. Though some of the restaurants in Lhasa provide this dish, tourists might have the chance to enjoy the most local chicken stewed by stone pot.

Bayi District Recommended Restaurants

Jichang Restaurant(家常饭馆): Located in  No. 377 Bayi Street, Bayi District, Nyingchi Prefecture

Laozihao Restaurant(老字号酒家): Located in Shenzhen Avenue(深圳大道), Bayi District, Nyingchi Prefecture

Lulang Stone Pot Chicken(鲁朗石锅鸡): Located near 318 National Highway, Lulang, Nyingchi Prefecture

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