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Lucid ganoderma

Nyingchi area is the famous lucid ganoderma producing area. Lucid ganoderma is a kind of pretty precious, magic and rare medicine. According to describing of medical book, lucid ganoderma is called “Guo xia” in Tibetan; mainly cure neurasthenia, coronary heart disease, hypertension, hepatitis, trachitis, and cancer. Also it can be divided to various kinds in accordance with its color and growing property. 

Climate is warm and weather is moist in Nyingchi, also because of these conditions, make it becomes the most famous lucid ganoderma producing area. There are a lot of natural lucid ganoderma, but they are rare in entire China by its quantity and also quality. 

Gama apple

Tibetan apples are planted since from initial twenty centuries in Yatung apple grove. In twenty centuries and fifty times, Marshal Chen Yi leaded centre delegation to Tibet, excepting took a batch of sapling of inland to the new municipality, but also planted an apple tree which named “Red Marshal” .

Gama farm which is located in the Yarlung zangbo riverside belongs to border of Nyingchi area’s Mainling County and Nyingchi County; it is the biggest fruit production base of Tibet. The production time of Nyingchi area’s apple is from June to September in every year. Because of characteristics of its fertile soil, longtime and strong sunshine, and its big range of temperature, it is pretty good for apple tree to grow. Apple of Gama farm tastes excellent, also its color is bright-colored. There are a lot of various kinds of Gama apples in mart, such as “Yuan shuai” which is sweet and crisp; “Guo Guang” is fragrant and delicious; and “Hong Feng” is special and distinctive, also “Xiang Jiao” is with special flavor. 

Medog Banana

When referring to Tibet, common people also remember the magnificent snow mountain and wild wasteland. So it can never be hearted that Tibetan outputs bananas which are common in tropical. Actually, in southeast of Tibet plateau, such as Medog area, because it is deeply located in interior of Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon; and also influenced by Indian warm current, there belongs to humid tropical and subtropics area; with the addition of its soil texture, it is proper for bananas growing. But it is the sole place where produces bananas. 

If you get to there in September, you will meet the best time when banana is mature; also you will witness banana trees which are full of mountains. Under one and other leaves’ covering, the natural bananas shake with windy gently and send out full-bodied aroma. Although there abound bananas, local citizens sell bananas in an expensive price. Sometimes, it is even sold in one Yuan for one banana; surely, you will get some by local citizens in free. 

Lhoba stone pot

Nyingchi’s people usually use pot to cook meal, and stone pot is the mainly cooker for them. These kinds of stone pots are mainly from Lhoba craftsmen. The local people not only use stone pot to cook dinner, but also it becomes a necessary cooker when they make delicious food. Stone pot is difficult to make heat transfer, but seemly, it makes heat dissipation slowly; so it will be a special flavor if you use the stone pot to cook.

Generally, stone pot is roundness; wall is thin but bottom is thickness. There are two pot eyes which are made integrally; modeling is pretty classical and elegance. If you are ready to have a Tibet and Lhasa journey, you should experience Grand Canyon travel; always, there is a famous stone pot village which is named Xi Dian village. Surely, if you have energy, you can take a smallest tone pot out; it is about one hundred Yuan without a pot cover. Whereas the diameter of these kinds of stone pot is about 20 centimeters, height is about 15 centimeters; also, weight is about 5 Jin. 

“Nyingchi county’s stone pot”, a famous shop which is located in Bayi town’s Shenzhen road, you can find it in side of government. Maybe because those are produced by modern machine, stone pots are not original and historic as those are made by craftsmen of Grand Canyon. Surely, price of stone pot is decided by its type; jumbo pot for 480 Yuan, large-sized pot for 260 Yuan, middle pot for 248 Yuan, and the small pot which’s diameter is below 19 centimeters for 218 Yuan. 

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