Burang County Festivals and Activities

Burang County Folk Customs

● Tibetan Opera:In Burang County, there wasn’t Tibetan Performance Team, some followers of the nobles able to sing Tibetan Opera have settled in Burang County after the liberation. Then Tibet Tibetan opera started to spread.

● Dance: There are a number of dances in Burang County, which concentrate on “Guozhuo”(circle dance). Combined dancing and singing, it is a folk dance filled with rich and colorful behaviors, and lively and warm feeling. What the dance shows is the rough, bold and strong qualities of the Tibetan people.

● Females Dress of Burang County: Because of preciousness, females only wear the dresses of Burang County on festivals so it is difficult to see that. The dress is set up from head to foot, decorated with gold, silver, turquoise, agate, coral, pearl, and other jewelries, weighing more than 10 pounds. Costing a dozen or even millions of dollars, so the dress is like property set in a body.

● Wedding Song: Wedding song here is a big and famous variety of Tibetan. It is a comprehensive art of singing and dancing, chanting, performing. All their ceremonials and daily life are full of performances and most of the lyrics, title, and wedding ceremonies have retained the ancient local feature of Bonismo.

● Ornamental Stone:Ancient and modern things in Burang County are too complicated to see and listen to them completely. Here you can pick up three kinds of stones: The first one looking like elliptical bird eggs, when you shake it, you can hear the sound of the water. It is a kind of rare Tibetan medicine; breaking the pebble, the water you get could make the eyes bright by wiping. The second is a square and black stone, used as the Tibetan mathematical symbols or the chessmen in a Tibetan game. The third is a bright red stone, just used as a decoration to watch. If you want to carve it to a necklace: drill a hole in rocks, pebbles will crumble.