Chengguan District Accommodation

In each destination, you’ll enjoy a comfortable stay in a great hotel! The hotels we choose for you are based on star rating, great locations, well-equipped facilities, cozy bed, high quality service and guests’ feedbacks. Choices are a lot ranging from luxury 5 star, comfortable 4 star to budget 3 star. You could decide where to stay to best suit for your budget and likes. Generally, the hotels have both Western and Chinese breakfast with a wide choices. If you have already got an ideal hotel, please feel free to tell our travel consultants and they'll book the hotel for you.

English Name Star-rated Address Tel.
The St. Regis Lhasa Resort(拉萨瑞吉度假酒店) 5-star No. 22 Jiangsu Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区江苏路22号 0891-6808888
Shangri La Hotel Lhasa(拉萨香格里拉酒店) 5-star No.19 Norbulingka Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区罗布林卡路19号 0891-6558888
Four Points by Sheraton Lhasa(拉萨喜来登福朋酒店) 4-star No. 10, Bo Linka Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区波林卡路10号 0891-6348888
Intercontinental Resort Lhasa Paradise(拉萨圣地天堂洲际酒店) 5-star No. 1 Jiangsu Avenue, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区江苏大道1号 0891-6569999
Lhasa Yaluzangbu Hotel(拉萨雅鲁藏布大酒店)   Yangchen Plaza B Gongbutang Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区阳城广场B座 0891-6309999 
GreenTree Inn(格林豪泰酒店)   No. 188 Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区北京中路188号 0891-6808999
Tibet Minzu Hotel - Lhasa(西藏民族酒店)   No.4 Zahji Rd., Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区扎基路4号 0891-6908999
New Century Lhasa Hotel(新世纪拉萨酒店)   No.1 Minzu Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市民族路1号 0891-6632276
Jardin Secret Hotel Lhasa(拉萨雅汀舍丽花园酒店) 4-star No.60, Jinzhu West Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区金珠西路60号 0891-6936666
Yak Hotel(亚宾馆) 3-star No.100 Beijing East Road, Chengguan, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区北京东路100号 0891-6300009
Jiaxi Boutique Creative Hotel(嘉熙精品创意酒店)   Near No.102 Road, Lhasa, Tibet拉萨市城关区文成公主实景剧场慈觉林藏院风情街7号楼 0891-6169777