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Tibet is a place that many people yearn for, and some may only come here once or twice in their whole lives. While Chengguan District of Lhasa is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Tibet, attracting a crowd of tourist from home and abroad every year. Therefore, in addition to taking beautiful photos and tasting authentic Tibetan food, most people will buy some souvenirs when they leave. There are all kinds of Tibetan ornaments, Nepal type of jewelry, accessories, small handicraft, multiplier, carpets, tapestries, thangka, and things here can clinch a deal with generally one-third of the price if you bargain.

What to Buy in Chengguan District(Lhasa)

1. Religious Objects

Tibet has a long history of Buddhism. In Tibet, many people's lives are dedicated to Tibetan Buddhism. Religious customs are part of everyday life, from chanting mantras and prostrating in a local square to walking the "kora’ around a temple or sacred site. Therefore, religious objects are essential. Among the best known religious souvenirs which you can carry back to your land from Tibet are the Tibetan Incense sticks, the Tibetan Thangka, the Tibetan prayer wheels, Tibetan Buddhas and the prayer flags.

2. Tibet Crafts

These traditional crafts are made from a variety of things including precious metals, natural materials and so on. Silver and copper are precious metals and natural materials are bamboo, wood and even bones. Tibetan handicrafts are very popular in the whole world. The crafts include Tibetan rugs, masks, daggers and conch shell trumpets and carpets and textiles.

3. Tibetan Medicines

Except for handicrafts and the other religious souvenirs, the medicines are also important aspects to test your shopping experience in Tibet. The Tibetan medicines are totally herbal but they work very fast unlike the modern day medicines. The Tibetan medicines Like saffronaweto and snow lotus are the popular medicinal herbs that they use for curative purposes. 

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Where to Buy in Chengguan District(Lhasa)

1. Chongsaikang Tashi Market

Address: Chongsikang Lane, Chengguan district, Lhasa

What to buy: Local products, foods, garments, daily used articles, etc.

As the oldest market in Lhasa, Chongsaikang Market is a place to experience the real life of local people when you are traveling in Tibet. Chongsaikang Tashi Market is the market that local people will go. The goods in Chongsaikang is cheaper than in Barkhor Street.

2. Barkhor Street

Address: in central of Lhasa’s old city area, Tibet

What to buy: Tibetan ornaments, Tibetan carpets, Tibetan knives and other Tibetan handcrafs, Tibetan Barley wine, Tibetan Buttered Tea and so on

Barkhor Street, a circular street at the center of Lhasa, is the oldest street in Tibet. As the most famous circumambulation and commercial center in Lhasa, Barkhor street keeps its traditional features and living pattern.

Lhasa Ethnic Tourism Handicraft Market

Address: No.30 Barkhor West Street, Chengguan District, Lhasa

What to buy: Thangkas, Tibetan Painting, Tibetan Carpets, ornaments, Tibetan Barley Wine, Tibetan Sweet Tea, Air-dried

Lhasa Ethnic Tourism Handicraft Market is located in Barkhor Street. It is a large handcrafts and souvenirs markets. The range of goods selling in the market is much richer than Barkhor Street, including various thangkas, paintings, Tibetan carpets, tapestries, antique and other souvenirs with profound Tibetan ethnic characteristics, ornaments, pendants and fancy goods from Nepal and Indian, and other goods like Tibetan Barley Wine, Tibetan Sweet Tea, air-dried Meat.

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