Chengguan District Administrative Divisions

Chengguan District is at the same administrative level as a county. It was established on 23 April 1961 and currently has 8 subdistricts and 4 townships. A total of 40 communities and 11 administrative villages are included. 

8 Subdistricts: Pargor Subdistrict(八廓街道), Gyirai Subdistrict(吉日街道), Jêbumgang Subdistrict(吉崩岗街道), Chabxi Subdistrict(扎细街道), Gündêling Subdistrict(公德林街道), Garmagoinsar Subdistrict(嘎玛贡桑街道), Liangdao Subdistrict(两岛街道), Jinzhu West Road Subdistrict(金珠西路街道),

4 Townships: Ngaqên Township(纳金乡), Togdê Township(夺底乡), Caigungtang Township(蔡公堂乡), Nyangrain Township(娘热乡)