Coqen County Shopping

Tourists can purchase some ornaments and daily necessities as souvenirs. The artwork and handicraft shops and stalls line up on the street.Tibetan rugs, knives, broadswords, traditional clothes, gold and silver jewelry, Thangka and all kinds of traditional handmade craftwork can easily be found in the street. There are some special things in Coqen County for tourists to purchase and enjoy.

Tibetan Tuba(藏族吐巴): it's similar to dumplings and usually as family reunion dinner. The Tuba is filled with stone, paper, charcoal, wool etc... Each has its definite meaning. The stone indicates the hard heart and the wool is gentle mind; the charcoal means he will be evil and greedy; the pepper means he will be a sharp speaker in the new year. This is a kind of diet and entertainment. No matter who eats anything must be spat out immediately. 

Tibetan Blood Sausage(西藏血肠): every time when the local people slaughtered a sheep, the blood of sheep will use to mix with mutton and make sausage. It tastes tender and soft with a pleasant smell. 

Dried meat(风干肉): dried meat is a very special kind of Tibet food. At the end of each year, when the temperature is below zero, the Tibetans cut the beef and mutton into small strips and hung them in a cool place to let them dry naturally.

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