Coqen County Attractions

Coqen County  is a county in Ngari Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region of China. There are lots of attractive sights for tourists to have a wonderful trip.

Zharinanmucuo  Lake(扎日南木措): as the highest altitude Lake in Ngari,  it's also one of the largest lakes in Tibet autonomous region. It covers 1024 square kilometers and the basin area is 16430 square kilometers. 

•Mendong Temple(门东寺):  it's located Mendong village, 2 kilometers from the county to the North. Built in nineteenth Century, it covers an area of 14800 square meters. There are 18 monks and 1100 pieces of cultural relics.

•Buddhist Nun Temple(尼姑寺): Also called "Sanglin Temple", it's located Mendong village, 5 kilometers from the county to the North. Built in nineteenth Century , it covers an area of 2600 square meters and the construction area of 550 square meters. By the way, it's a sub Temple of Mendong Temple.

•Bianlalakang(边拉拉康): It's located in Jarao village, about 119 kilometers from the county seat to the East. Built in 1805, it has exquisite murals and exquisite statues of Buddha statues for tourist appreciate.

•Snowy Landscape of Xiagang River(夏岗江雪景): Xiagang River Snow Mountain is located in the north of Coqen County and 80 kilometers away from the county seat. With the high altitude of 5000-6500 meters above the sea level, the highest peak even is 6822 meters. The best time to take pictures is in summer and fall.