Gerze County Travel Tips

Traveling Routes

There are two main tourist routes in Gêrzê County. One is known as the south route which will pass three township and a town (Dongcuo Township洞措乡, Wuma Township物玛乡, Mami Township麻米乡, Gêrzê Town改则镇)  along the highway, including the amorous feelings of Xiagang Snow Mountain(夏岗江雪山风情) and Mami Lake麻米湖, the religious culture of Mami Monastery麻米寺 and Zhajiang Monastery扎江寺 as well as the folk culture of Seguo(色果民俗文化). Tourists can choose a route with all these characteristic tourist products. The second is the northern line with the three northern villages including Chabu Township察布乡, Xianqian Township先遣乡 and Jimu Township古姆乡. There are some characteristics tourists’ products such as the Xianqian Ruins Red Tourism, the wildlife of Tibet and the Eco-tourism.

The best travel time is from May to October, but it is also the peak season.


Because of the strong sunshine and the ultraviolet ray in Tibet, visitors need to prepare to carry oxygen piece resisting against the high reactivity, sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat, and sun umbrella. Otherwise, the local climate seems to be really dry, so visitors also need to prepare a lip balm and moisturizer to resist the dryness.