Gerze County Attractions

Gêrzê County, a wonderful and brilliant district famous for its attractive natural landscapes and brilliant cultural relics, has dozens of attractions to appeal the visitors including: Dongcuo Lake(洞错), Mami Lake(麻米湖), The Northern Eco-tourism Scenic Spot(北部生态旅游景区), Xianqianlian Ruins(先遣乡遗址), Zhajiang Monastery(扎江寺), Mami Monastery(麻米寺)Luobu Kangla Monastery(罗布拉康寺), Chabocuo(查波措), Chanacuo (查那措), Bairebucuo(拜惹布措), etc.

Natural Landscape

▪ Mami Lake(麻米湖) is located in Mami Township, 90 kilometers away from Gêrzê County. It is known as the right eye of the fabled Lake Manasorovar and is one of the most famous holy lakes in China.

▪ The Northern Eco-tourism Scenic Spot(北部生态旅游景区) which has a large number of plateau lakes, meadows, snowy mountains and wildlife resources is an ideal place for exploration, scientific examination and sightseeing.  In the Northern Changtang Nature Reserve(北部羌塘自然保护区), there are hordes of leisurely Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan antelope, goa, and mighty wild yaks, which forms a natural harmonious picture of men and nature being together with the shepherd smoke and vast plateau. The Northern Eco-tourism Scenic Spot is the main area of the domestic development of ecological tourism.

▪ Dongcuo Lake(洞错)which means the bleak lake, is located in Gêrzê County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. Dongcuo Lake covers an area of 87.7 square kilometers with an altitude of 4,396 meters. The weather around this area is cold and dry with an annual average temperature of 0 ℃, and the annual average rainfall of 150 ~ 200 mm. The lake is mainly supplied by surface runoff. It was listed as the provincial nature reserve on October 29, 2010 because its beautiful scenery, abundant natural and mineral resources.

▪ Chabocuo(查波措) which means the rock lake is located in Gêrzê County Ngari Prefecture. Covering an area of 32 square kilometers, Chabocuo Lake is 4,505 meters above sea level. There are natural pastures, wild yaks and Tibetan antelopes in the lake area.

▪ Chanacuo (查那措means black rock lake in Tibetan Language, which is located in Gêrzê County, Ngari Prefecture. It is 4,543 meters above sea level with an area of four square kilometers.

▪ Bairebucuo(拜惹布措)means lucky lake in Tibetan Language which is situated in Gêrzê County, Ngari Prefecture with an altitude of 4,958 meters and a total area of 122 square kilometers. There is naked carp produced in the salt water lake with the natural pastures, yaks and Tibetan sheep in the lakeshore.

Cultural heritage

▪ Luobu Kangla Monastery(罗布拉康寺) is located in the verdant mountains of Dongcuo Town, Gêrzê County, Ngari Prefecture. When you see the white tower, you can see the monastery with towers on the hills. There is a valuable Tibetan medicine factory in the monastery.

▪ Xianqianlian Ruins(先遣乡遗址)Located in the land of advance, about 140 kilometers away from the county, Xianqianlian Ruins is an important cultural landscape for the development of red tourism and patriotic education base in China.

▪ Zhajiang Monastery(扎江寺): Located in Gêrzê County, Zhajiang Monastery is one of the larger Monasteries which belong to the Kagyu sect. The architectural style has the characteristics of Tibetan Buddhist monastery architecture, which combines the characteristics of Tibetan and Chinese architecture, and is an important platform for understanding the burial culture.

▪ Mami Monastery(麻米寺) is located in Guchang Valley, Mami Town, Gêrzê County with a history of nearly 800 years. It is one of the oldest Tibetan Buddhist temples in Gêrzê County. The temple collects many Tibetan Buddhist scriptures and other books. It is the window to understand the culture of Tibetan Buddhism.