Gerze County Tibet Tours

Gêrzê County tours not only allow you to explore the brilliant Tibetan culture & authentic Tibetan customs, but also allow you to appreciate the natural charm of Tibet. We list the following Gêrzê County tour packages that may interest you. Tailor-made tours are flexible and based on your personal preference. Gêrzê County group tours are also available, which covers the popular tourist sites in Tibet. Start your trip to Gêrzê County now. Here we list some attractive highlights in Gêrzê County for visitors to have a reference, including: Dongcuo Lake(洞错), Mami Lake(麻米湖), The Northern Eco-tourism Scenic Spot(北部生态旅游景区), Xianqianlian Ruins(先遣乡遗址), Zhajiang Monastery(扎江寺), Mami Monastery(麻米寺)Luobu Kangla Monastery(罗布拉康寺), Chabocuo(查波措), Chanacuo (查那措), Bairebucuo(拜惹布措), etc.