Gyangze County Festivals and Activities

Gyangze County belongs to Shigatse City, in Tibet Autonomous Region. It is located in the south of Tibet, east of Shigatse City and upstream of Nianchu River.

Gyangze, means "the pinnacle of victory" in Tibetan language; Because the Chu river flows through here, people called the Gyangze region as "Nian" in ancient times. The Tibetan-based residents are accounting for 98%, other ethnic such as Han, Hui and so on. Gyantse is one of China's historical and cultural cities, and is also a new tourist town.

Zongshan, located in the center of the county, is both the historical testimony of the Gyangze people's heroic fight against the British invaders and the only well-preserved old Tibetan government building site.

Bai Ju Temple, located in the western suburbs of the county town, founded in 1418, is the only Tibetan Buddhism which converge three sects together in a temple, "hundreds of thousands of pagodas" is the only Tibetan Buddhist temple.

Lying 2 km from the county, there is the main manor of the Pala serif. It is the the only complete preserved manor of old eight Tibetan aristocratic manors.

The famous Naiqin Kangsang Snow Mountain, which is the concentration of a variety of glacier relics, is the most accessible place of continental ice activity center on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Each year, Gyangze plays host to the Darma Festival, a chance for locals to enrich their cultural life and develop their economy.