Gyangze County Travel Tips

Gyantse is normally considered the third largest town and historically one of the most important regions in Tibet. It has the important transportation hub linking Lhasa, Shigatse and Yadong.
Gyantse is a must to visit place for most first time travelers in Tibet. People either go from Lhasa to Gynatse or go from Shigatse to Gyantse, or from the Nepalese and Chinese border city – Zhangmu Town.
If you happen to be in Tibet in early June, note that Gyantse has a horse-racing and archery festival during this time, though the date could change again.

Gyantse Travel Tips
1. Where to stay in Gyantse
1) Gyantse Hotel 0892 – 8172222
2) Wutse Hotel 0892 – 8172888
3) Jian Zang Hotel 0892 – 8172324
2. Where to dine in Gyantse
1) Gyantse Kitchen 0892 – 8176777
2) Tashi’s 0892 – 8827512
3. Gyantse Shopping
1) Carpets