Gyangze County Shopping

There are various special local products in Shigatse Gyangze County, such as Zanba(糌粑), Garlic of Gyangze County(江孜优质大蒜), Gyangze's kardian cushions and carpets, yak meat, yak yoghurt and yak butter. But please remember, bargaining with the vendors is always necessary. It is recommended that you walk clockwise around then to see the vendors. One more tip, you'd better go shopping on this street in the morning or evening for Tibetan people value their first or last cuntomer highly.

Zanba, roasted qingke barley flour. It is main daily food to royals of Gyangze area in the history.

Garlic of Gyangze County(江孜优质大蒜)
Garlic of Gyangze County contains allicin, 40% higher than ordinary garlic, gaining the third prize in National Agricultural Exhibition.

Yak yoghurt and yak butter
Yak yoghurt and yak butter is made from fresh yak milk with special flavour.

Gyangze's kardian cushions and carpets
Gyangze's kardian cushions and carpets sell well throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, while its cheese and garlic are also famous in the region.

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