Gyirong County Transportation

Gyirong County is located in the southwest of Shigatse. The Shigatse Peace Airport is 525.7km from Gyirong County which takes you 14 hours to drive. The trains have been opened from Lhasa to Shigatse. The whole journey is 253 kilometers, about 3 hours drive. While for foreign tourists, there are some restrictions on traveling to Tibet. So your vehicle has to be arranged by local travel agency. If you use the public transport, you must be accompanied by a tour guide.

From Tibet to Gyirong County

Lhasa - Gyirong County

Lhasa-Shigatse railway was completed and was put into use since 2014 and you can only take the train from Lhasa to Shigatse and then change the bus to Gyirong county. Lhasa to Shigatse Train Schedules are listed as below. 

Train No. Departs Arrives Duration Price
Z8801 11:07 14:00 2h53m Hard Seat: 40.5 CNY/Hard Sleeper: 111.5 CNY/Soft Sleeper: 169.5 CNY
Z6811 18:10 20:58 2h48m Hard Seat: 40.5 CNY/Hard Sleeper: 111.5 CNY/Soft Sleeper: 169.5 CNY

Besides, you can also rent a car or take the long-distance bus at Lhasa directly to Gyirong county. 

Shigatse - Gyirong County

At Shigatse Dongjiao Bus Station(东郊客运站), there is morning bus running to Gyirong county at 08:30 am and it arrives at Gyirong county around 19:00 pm. The fare is about 140 CNY.

From Nepal to Gyirong County

Now you can only take a bus from Kathmandu to the Gyirong port between Nepal and Tibet. Usually it takes about 6 hours. After passing through the Gyirong Port, you must use a booked driving service from the travel agency. Then you can continue to the Gyirong county.